With kids being off school & kept indoors they’re bound to get cabin fever soon. Heres a few great cheap ways to keep them entertained.

1 Playdough

This was always a hit in my house. Even more than slime! Making your own playdough is actually really quick & easy with the added bonus its non-toxic! Heres the link to make your own with simple household ingredients (flour, salt & food dye)

2 Plant seeds

Springs just around the corner. Its always my favourite time of the year when the daffodils burst into happy rows of yellow flowers everywhere.

Get a head start & start planting seeds into old egg cartons or recycle plastic food trays. A great tip is to place seeds in a little warm water overnight & then plant the next day. It seems to speed up germination.

3 Play cards

Only recently has my ADHD child sat down long enough to play cards with me. We don’t get too complicated & he looses interest with 21’s really quickly. But Rummy seems to be a hit. We even bought a cheap poker set for the chips. I remember playing as a kid using matches or coins.

4 Puzzles, Games & Lego

This is a great time to get out those board games from Christmas or work together on a favourite puzzle.

5 Reading Together

Ok, confession time, my last joint reading ended up in the Emergency Department. But thats a story for another day! (He was fine, I was just being cautious).

I’m old fashioned & tend to choose books like “Brer Rabbit” by Enid Blyton or any of her other books like :

  • The Famous Five
  • The Enchanted Wood
  • The Magic Faraway Tree
  • Noddy

I still remember our teacher in school reading these to us. Heres a list of other favourites from Roald Dahl :

  • The BFG
  • Witches
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

6 Baking cookies

All kids love to bake … mainly for the spoils at the end! I’ve not baked as much with my boys as my eldest (the ADHD one) always takes over & I end up trying to tear them apart.

Now I’ve learnt to take it in turns that one bakes today & the other tomorrow. We still have problems with “I don’t want his germs/cooties” but generally it works out.

Don’t stop at cookies. Make a quick pizza base & get them to ‘decorate’ it with cheese, pepperoni & other toppings.

If you have pets, theres some brilliant dog biscuit recipes available online too!

7 Paper Meche

In my house we don’t keep balloons … the dog hates it & my kids like to make it screech. But … balloons would come in handy here & sometimes I have a hidden stash in the Halloween or Birthday pile ; )

Blow up the balloon. Get the kids to cut or tear (depending on how good they are with scissors) strips of newspaper or any paper you have in the house. Its great for old magazines too. Mix water & some flour for the glue & away you go.

Try making a mask that can be painted after its dried. Or make your own head by adding bunched up paper to make ears, nose & lips. Theres also the traditional fruit bowl by just placing the paper over the top of the balloon.

Let it dry, pop the balloon & now you have a second day of painting & decorating too.

8 Minute to Win It Games

Theres literally hundreds of these on the internet. Its great to play as a family together … you could make an afternoon of it. Heres my top 5 :

  1. Tissue box filled with ping pong balls & strapped around your waist. Shake your booty to get them out
  2. Place a Tennis ball in a stocking. Stick the elastic end over your head & try knock over water bottles in 1 minute by swinging your head.
  3. How many smarties can you pick up with a straw & put in your cup in 1 minute? Could also use chopsticks
  4. Eat a cookie … Place the cookie on their forehead & they have to get it in their mouth without using their hands
  5. String a few ring donuts between 2 chairs (depending on the height of the kids) & they’ve to eat them without using their hands.

9 Charades

Always a hit with kids. Think of easy characters, sports or movies they can use.

10 Cardboard Box

Yip, no matter how much you spend on fancy gadgets, kids are much like cats. Give them a big cardboard box & they can make it into a zillion different things. A few crayons & markers & they can customise it to their hearts content.

11 Couch/Blanket Fort

Great fun & you can snuggle up with a story for them later too!

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