Does this sound like you?

Okay, the world is in lockdown. We have oodles of time to do all those tasks we’ve been putting off … how many have you completed?

None? One? If you’re like me, you wake up each morning with optimism at what you’re going to achieve … then go to bed at night vowing to do it all tomorrow.

The house is upside down with everyone being home, you can’t keep up with housework, meals & if the dog gets a walk its lucky!

You’re frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed & exhausted. Thats besides the financial worry of what the lockdown means to your family.

Its no wonder your unmotivated!

Its hard to stay motivated when you’re the one trying to keep everything together. As you sit down with a cup of tea the kids start fighting, the dog needs to go out … its a never ending whirlwind.

So, what can we do about it?

I was listening to an online seminar & they suggested 5 Bite Sized Goals to keep up on track over the next few weeks.

Goals are always good to have. We should have long term goals (5 years plus), medium term (1 year) & short term (3-6 months).

But I’m talking about Bite Sized Goals – like Quick Wins over the next month. Not quite a To Do List.

Rules for a happy home life

#1 Establish & Maintain a Routine

Whether you like it or not, we’re creatures of habit. We need routines to keep moving forward & all kids definitely thrive on routine. Its the secret to sanity!

I know my Special Needs kid is completely thrown out of whack even on weekends if theres no structure in place. Thats when we have tantrums & misbehaviour but if theres a routine, then he’s so much better.

Routines are proven to reduce stress!

Yes, its scientifically proven that routines reduce stress & also help boost the immune system – which is great at a time like this!

Its hard to even keep up with a self-care routine when there is no routine at all.

What to include in a routine:

  • Wake up & go to bed at the same time everyday
  • Get dressed (real clothes, not pj’s)
  • Fix your hair (& makeup if you’re like me)
  • Morning routine (this can include breakfast, reading, devotion, coffee)
  • Sit down for regular meals (so easy to let this slide at the moment)

I have a handy FREE Meal Planner in my shop if you’d like to plan out your meals.

Free meal planner to print out at home

#2 Develop Better Habits

Habits don’t drain mental energy. Once they become a habit, your brain doesn’t have to actually ‘think’ what comes next. It therefore doesn’t require discipline. You just complete 1 task after another.

Small adjustments can have a huge impact!

Habit Stacking

This is the method of attaching a new task into a habit you already have. It then reminds you to do it until it becomes part of your entire habit group.

For example :

Every morning after I’m dressed I go downstairs & make a cup of coffee. By habit stacking I would now add that just before I go downstairs I grab a basket of laundry & take it downstairs with me & put in the washing machine before making coffee. Soon this becomes a habit & I have 1 load already done first thing!

Start slowly! Just add 1 thing at a time until it becomes automatic.

#3 Set clear short term goals

Maybe your goal over the next few weeks is putting new Home systems in place. Or starting a budget to keep your finances in check (I have an easy budget workbook in my shop if it might help you). Or maybe its to create that family photo book from all the photographs on your phone.

These are specific bite sized goals. You need to be crystal clear or they won’t get done. Write these ones down on a sheet of paper with the following headings :

1. What do you want to Achieve

Do you want to rearrange the lounge, DIY/upscale some furniture or maybe start that project you’ve been thinking about for the last year.

2. Motivation

Your Why? Why do you want to do this? Why is it important to you?

3. Refine the Objective

What are the specific measures needed to achieve your goal? Think about dates, numbers or specific tasks that will tell you once you’ve reached your goal.

4. Steps Needed

These are your To Do’s to reach your goal. Write down (in detail) each of the steps you need to take to help you reach this goal. Make them as specific but also as small as possible to keep you motivated. Don’t use broad statements.

5. Obstacles

There will be roadblocks to reaching your goal. Anticipate what these might be & write down possible solutions to overcome them.

6. Get Going!

Go girl! Get started & don’t forget to treat yourself once you’ve achieved it!

You can read a previous post about Best Advice for Budget Success here.

Budget planner workbook printable

#4 Stay Positive & Motivated

In order to stay positive & motivated we need to hear constant & consistent messages. Its not possible to hear it once & keep going … we need to keep hearing it.

How can we do this?

  • Podcasts : listen to motivational & inspirational podcasts
  • Blogs, Newsletters & Social Media : only read positive ones
  • Self Help & Personal Development : books, courses & online content
  • Limit Negative Media eg. News
    • use a timer to limit time spent on listening to news
    • only check once a day

The messages you surround yourself with are the messages your subconscious will start to believe.

#5 Stay Connected

We are so lucky to live in a socially connected world with thanks to the internet.

Have you noticed how after a few weeks of lockdown we miss hugging people or being able to stand in a queue normally? We might love being introverts at times, but now that we’re forced into it, we’re craving connection.

Form your own club

Use Zoom to connect a group of people, or Skype or Facetime for only 2 parties.

Create your own tribe of like-minded people who are positive & can help motivate & encourage you during this time. They may also hold you accountable on your goals in #3 above.

Who you surround yourself with is who you will become!

Closing thoughts

We need to remember be kind to ourselves too. Our own mental health is very important in these unprecedented times.

I would love to hear from you if you’ve implemented these or if you found this article useful.

I hope to create a goal sheet that can be used in #3 above but right now, the kids are fighting, the dog needs a walk & its nearly time for dinner ; )

Stay safe, stay home & love the ones you’re with!

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