My house is a nightmare in the morning and breakfast is often an afterthought.  My kids hate cereal and considering the amount of sugar in most breakfast cereals, I don’t encourage it either.  

Both you and the family need to eat a nutritious breakfast to start the day right.  After all, they say its the most important meal of the day.  Lets be honest … who has time to cook breakfast???

So here are my favourite 6 breakfast ideas (as approved by my kids) that even the busiest of Moms can prepare. 

1. Breakfast Bars

My kids love breakfast bars and they’re brilliant when you’re rushing.  

Both breakfast & protein bars tend to have more vitamins and minerals plus extra protein to keep your family energise for the day.  You can make your own with just a few simple ingredients and also control the amount of sugar that goes in.  

This is such a popular recipe, I’ve created a whole blog post about it. You can read it here.

Brreakfast ideas for busy moms

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are not only healthy and easy to make, but with the right container, can be something anyone in your family can bring with them for the bus or car journey. You can even prepare some of the ingredients the night before, such as chopping up and freezing fruit and putting them in serving-size baggies. In the morning, all you have to do is grab those baggies and add them to the blender with milk and yogurt, and you have yourself a healthy smoothie.  Also consider Almond or Oat milk for an extra healthy smoothie.

3. Egg Pies

These can be prepared as a batch ahead of time & can be frozen. Theres many variations of these, but basically its eggs, ham/bacon and a handful of veggies cooked in a muffin tray in the oven for around 15 minutes. You can even add cheese.  Kids love them!  

Heres the recipe I use : 

12 eggs
12 pieces of rindless bacon (chopped & fried)
or 10 pieces of ham (chopped)
3 diced tomatoes
handful of fresh spinach

Add eggs and all other ingredients to a mixing bowl and beat with a fork.  
Pour into each muffin cup.  
Don’t overfill as the egg will rise during cooking.  
Feel free to add other ingredients like cheese, mushrooms, etc.

Bake in oven at 180 Degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.  
Allow to cool.  
Can be eaten warm or cold and can be frozen for up to 2 weeks

4. Homemade Granola

This is a healthy snack or breakfast to make for your family and is easy for them to bring along on busy mornings. You can make the granola with your choice of nuts, grains, dried fruit, and other ingredients, then put it in individual baggies. In the morning, they can grab a bag of granola to munch on or add it to some yogurt.

5. Morning Oats (add Chia Seeds too)

This needs to be prepared the night before but is a healthy and filling gluten free breakfast.  Its very popular to make this in mason jars and prepare a few days at a time. 

You can experiment with different milks : almond, hemp, oat, coconut, soy … the choices are endless. 

Try using different fruits (both fresh or frozen), nuts or add in some chia seeds for a healthy omega-3 boost. 

Heres a quick Blueberry & Chai recipe : 

200g old fashioned rolled porridge oats
50 g chia seeds
600ml your choice of milk
250g blueberries
125g raspberries
20g flaked almonds
dash of cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix all the ingredients together.  
Spoon into airtight jars and leave in the fridge overnight. 

6. Fruit and Nut Loaf

An easy way to have breakfast ready for the entire week is by making a healthy bread loaf that has lots of fruit and nuts in it. This is a lot healthier than making toast & jam, which might be delicious, but doesn’t contain as many nutrients.

You can try a loaf with fig and almonds, or go for a multi-berry loaf with applesauce and walnuts.

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