• 6 Breakfast ideas for busy moms

    6 Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas

    My house is a nightmare in the morning and breakfast is often an afterthought.  My kids hate cereal and considering the amount of sugar in most breakfast cereals, I don’t encourage it either.   Both you and the family need to eat a nutritious breakfast to start the day right.  After all, they say its […]


  • Brreakfast ideas for busy moms

    Healthy Breakfast Bar Recipe

    My kids love breakfast bars and if I haven’t made them in a few weeks they’re begging me to make some. They also don’t last very long in our house ; ) Add Variety What I love about these breakfast bars is that they don’t get boring. You can add variety by adding extras on […]


  • Epilepsy Journal Printable to track seizures and medical information

    Epilepsy Journal

    A friend of mines child has Epilepsy. She’s been on a long journey of getting medical help & the boy is now reacting well to medication. Knowing that I create printables, she asked me to create an Epilepsy Journal to keep all the information in one place. She wants to track all the doctors visits […]


  • Self Care Bingo

    Self Care Bingo

    I don’t know about you but I’m starting to struggle. Its getting hard. Its getting real. The reality of how long lockdown is going to last is really taking its toll. Homeschooling is sooo not my forte! It feels like theres nothing to look forward to besides summer which brings its own problems if we […]


  • Words of Optimism -Coronavirus

    Coronavirus Update

    Unchartered Territory We’re in unchartered territory worldwide with a number of countries heading towards lockdown. In Ireland we’re on 129 positive cases in just under 2 weeks & all schools have been closed down. Its causing huge stress to many families who might be under financial pressure already. Many are possibly going to loose their […]


  • A handy medical card printable that can be kept in your wallet in case of an emergency

    Medical Card Printable

    Remember in the past how we had business cards with important information in our wallet? Now it seems everythings been replaced by our phones. Most people don’t even realise theres a brilliant app on the iphone that stores your Medical Information. This can be accessed from a locked phone & can give vital information to […]