Stockpiling & Panic Buying

I just don’t understand it. Why all the panic buying? Each time theres an announcement suddenly theres a flurry of panic in the shops & shelves are empty.

I completely understand this virus is causing mayhem & is unprecedented. But there is still food (especially Toilet Paper!), the warehouses have enough stock to keep all of us fed for many months. Stockpiling is only creating temporary shortages … buy like you normally would & I promise there will still be flour in the shops tomorrow.

The shops have years of data showing how much food is needed & I can assure you they are at least 6 months to a year ahead of us in ordering. There is plenty in the supply chain for all of us.

Needs versus Wants

This virus is bringing us back to basics. Its stripping us down. Time to evaluate our needs versus our wants.

Definition of Needs versus Wants

Food is available. We have electricity & (hopefully) running water. The basic need are still available. No, you don’t need to get your nails done … if you’re staying 2 meters away from people & not socialising, then no one will see them anyway!

In saying that … I’m starting to think boys haircuts are a NEED not a WANT. I can honestly say I may have skills but hairdressing is NOT one of them. ; )

To me its very clear … stay home. Dont go out. Only go to the shops when absolutely necessary. Its not rocket science!

What we really should be worried about

Many people are not taking this seriously, no matter what the Authorities are saying. Where I live theres many youths bored & meeting up with their mates. Theres been a number of cases where youths were waiting to be tested & were caught out & about in the community when they should’ve been in isolation. Theres also the ‘game’ of coughing on strangers to see their reaction.

This is about common sense. Maybe you won’t catch it from having a cup of tea with your neighbour … but what if you did? Yes the kids are bored & would love to play with their friend from down the road … but what if they brought the virus through your front door? Is it worth it for a few weeks?

Should we panic … no. If you’re doing all you can to prevent this then its up to fate, God, Spirit [insert your belief here].

We’re all bored. The novelty has definitely worn off. One can only do so much home improvement or rearranging (again, not a skill of mine). Its especially hard on the kids who don’t grasp the weight of it.

The one great thing about this is the whole world is in the same position. Theres awesome creativity coming through. Selfless acts of generosity & the helping of others.