With the current lockdown situation for Coronavirus, comfort food is becoming a crime in my house. We’re doing far less exercise than ever before & the weight is starting to pile on.

This is a Diet Journal I’ve in the past which helps me keep track of calories & macros so I can ensure I’m still eating a balanced diet on my weight loss journey. I think its time I print it out again.

Track calories and Macros for 12 Weeks

Theres space in this pdf to track calories & your Macros. Macros are Protein, Carbs, Fats & Fibre. I use the last column to track Sugar too as thats my downfall.

Depending if you’re following the Keto, Atkins, Whole 30, GI Diet or simply restricting calories, you’ll figure out what your macros need to be to get optimum weight loss.

When does it start?

Start anytime! Its undated but tracks 7 days & then a Summary. Theres 12 weeks in total. Its a whopping 192 page printable. (You could even print it week by week as you go along)

Do you tell me what foods to eat?

No. Theres so many different diets out there that you need to select one which suits you & which you’ve discussed with your Doctor. My Diet Journal is purely a way of documenting your weight loss journey to help you stay on track & keep you motivated.

Whats in the Instant Download?

I have the Diet Journal & Health Tracker in my Shop. Its an instant download & contains a 12 Week program. 192 pages!

  • Your Why (What is your motivation for doing this? Whats going to keep you going when it gets tough?)
  • Start & End dates, Weight, Measurements, Fitness goals & Macro targets
  • Charts to track progress
  • Daily Tracker
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 3 Snacks
    • Track macros, calories & water intake
    • Daily totals
    • Daily activity
    • Notes & a daily rating
  • Weekly Summary
    • Week to view breakdown of calories & macros
    • Make notes of Mood, Health, To Improve & other notes
  • 90 Day Calendar on a page
  • Weekly Food Planner with Grocery list
  • US Letter & A4 format included in the download file

Its bright & fun & just geeky enough for someone like me to enjoy filling it in.

Maybe we should start an Accountability Group & do this together! Let me know if its something you’d like to do. I could use the added motivation.