This is the Ultimate tool to keep your house running smoothly.

I know theres loads of Household Binders out there which can contain over 200 pages. But its a nightmare to print & most pages will go unused.

I’ve combined all the really important bits that I use to run my house. Most of these live in my little Happy Planner as I’ve printed them smaller.  I’ve also designed to it be gentle on ink.

I especially love the Communication Log (School Section). I don’t just use this for talking with Teachers, I use it for work as well. Its great for keeping track of when you sent what & what method you used … CMA (cover my a$$).

Household Binder pages

Whats in the Bundle

Emergency Information

And Contact Information

Health Info

Doctors Contact Details, Doctor Visits & Medication History

Cleaning Plan & Checklists

Annual Cleaning Calendar, Seasonal & Monthly. Checklists for Weekly, Room, Chore Chart & 'When was the last time'

Maintenance Log

For both House & Car

School Info

Contact Details & Communication Log

Fun Stuff

Favourite Take Away, Books to Read, Movies to Watch , etc.

Special Event Planning

Anniversary, Birthday & Important Dates.. Party Planning, Guest List, To Do & Checklists

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Printable Household Binder