Yesterday was a wonderful hot spring day. The boys were so well behaved all day & I got some work done. As a treat we took a slow walk (with the dog … I like to multitask) to our local shop to buy ice creams. They love the cola flavored ice pops! We bought a box & headed home.

After dinner they helped themselves to another one. But … someone didn’t close the freezer properly. I woke up this morning to a freezer door that hadn’t shut properly & the ice had frozen over so much I couldn’t even close the drawer. I had no choice. Time to defrost.

Reasons to defrost

Some freezers come with an ‘easy’ defrost setting or limit the amount of ice on their own. Mine is an integrated fridge freezer thats 16 years old, so I don’t think it has one (or maybe I haven’t read the manual!).

My Mom used to defrost the freezer once a year & always said it saved money on electricity. Freezers aren’t cheap, so this keeps it working in its best capacity. Its also a good way to rearrange items in the freezer drawers & use up the food thats reaching its end date.

What you need

  • Hairdryer
  • 2 shallow pans
  • 1 deep bowl or saucepan
  • Old towels (2 would be ideal)
  • Egg flipper/Spatula

Get started

As my freezer is integrated, I can’t switch off the power. But if you can reach the plug, definitely pull that out.

Put the towel down on the floor & remove the freezer drawers.

How to defrost your freezer in 1 hour

At the bottom of my freezer theres a handy little slider. Pulling this out will allow any defrosted water to flow into the bowl rather than pooling at the bottom of the freezer.

I like to place 2 shallow trays of hot water on the shelves to get the defrosting started. They also catch any chunks of ice as they fall off. Its less messy & you can empty them into the sink regularly.

Using the hairdryer, put it on the hottest & highest setting. Keep it 3-4 inches away from the ice & make sure you don’t let any water drip into it.

I concentrate on the top row as its always the worst. Plus with the freezer door being open, the bit of steam from the hot water in trays & the hairdryer blasting air, the rest of the shelves should defrost on their own.

I use a plastic egg flipper/spatula to ease the ice off when its ready. NEVER use anything sharp or force the ice off as you could do damage to the metal pipes in the freezer.

Once all the ice is off wipe it down with a dry cloth & give all the plastic a good clean too. Don’t forget to push the slider thingy at the bottom back in.

TIP : My Aunt told me to spray the wire shelves with furniture polish as she says it makes the ice slip off easier the next time. I’ve no idea if this works or not, but I’m all in for making things easier, so gave mine a light spray on the top & bottom.

Okay, time to wipe down the drawers & put them back in. If you have time you can sort through the food in the drawers. I’ve found a pack of bacon & think its time to cook up a brunch ; )

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