Remember in the past how we had business cards with important information in our wallet? Now it seems everythings been replaced by our phones.

Most people don’t even realise theres a brilliant app on the iphone that stores your Medical Information. This can be accessed from a locked phone & can give vital information to Medical Personnel.

But … what if you’re phones out of battery … or isn’t with you at the time of the emergency … or can’t be found?

I’ve created an old fashioned Medical Card that you can print off at home. Fold it over & cut it to shape.

It has a place for Allergies, Medication & Doctors contact details. It speaks for you when you can’t.

Its FREE in my Shop & theres one for if you have pets at home too. Please share this post with your friends & encourage them to download one. It may just save a life.

Click here to get it.

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