• Lockdown : Why the Panic?

    Lockdown Why the Panic

    Stockpiling & Panic Buying I just don’t understand it. Why all the panic buying? Each time theres an announcement suddenly theres a flurry of panic in the shops & shelves are empty. I completely understand this virus is causing mayhem & is unprecedented. But there is still food (especially Toilet Paper!), the warehouses have enough […]


  • Free School Schedule

    School Schedule & Symptom Tracker

    Okay, I give teachers their credit where its due … this homeschooling thing is not for me! Theres heaps of homework to complete over the next few weeks & we really don’t know how long this Coronavirus is going to last. The best is to stay on a schedule as much as possible. I was […]


  • Coronavirus Update

    Words of Optimism -Coronavirus

    Unchartered Territory We’re in unchartered territory worldwide with a number of countries heading towards lockdown. In Ireland we’re on 129 positive cases in just under 2 weeks & all schools have been closed down. Its causing huge stress to many families who might be under financial pressure already. Many are possibly going to loose their […]


  • 11 Cheap Ways to Entertain Kids at Home

    11 cheap ways to keep kids entertained at home

    With kids being off school & kept indoors they’re bound to get cabin fever soon. Heres a few great cheap ways to keep them entertained. 1 Playdough This was always a hit in my house. Even more than slime! Making your own playdough is actually really quick & easy with the added bonus its non-toxic! […]


  • Medical Card Printable

    A handy medical card printable that can be kept in your wallet in case of an emergency

    Remember in the past how we had business cards with important information in our wallet? Now it seems everythings been replaced by our phones. Most people don’t even realise theres a brilliant app on the iphone that stores your Medical Information. This can be accessed from a locked phone & can give vital information to […]


  • The Best Advice for Budgeting Successfully

    Best advice for budgeting success

    My Budget Journey I lost my husband in 2012 to cancer. My boys were 4.5 & 14 months & after a few months I had no choice but to return to work. As a single parent navigating childcare, school, a 1 hour bus ride to & from work in a high pressured Corporate role it […]