Okay, I give teachers their credit where its due … this homeschooling thing is not for me! Theres heaps of homework to complete over the next few weeks & we really don’t know how long this Coronavirus is going to last.

The best is to stay on a schedule as much as possible. I was watching Pink’s Instagram this morning & she had this up on her wall, so I decided I could create one for all of us to print out.

Its a FREE download, just go through my store to get it. It comes with a few extra pages :

  • Blank School Schedule
  • Completed School Schedule (to give you an idea of what to put in or use it as it is!)
  • Wash your hands poster (put them up all over the house)
  • Symptom Tracker (just in case)

I’ve added a Symptom Tracker just in case. It makes it easy to track in case someone in the house gets sick & you can show it to your Doctor or Health Professional with all the information on it.

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