I don’t know about you but I’m starting to struggle. Its getting hard. Its getting real.

The reality of how long lockdown is going to last is really taking its toll. Homeschooling is sooo not my forte! It feels like theres nothing to look forward to besides summer which brings its own problems if we cant go out & enjoy it.

Lockdown with a Special Needs kid is no joke. Its hard being a Single Mom. I walk away to go to the bathroom for 1 minute & all hell breaks loose. We all have our frustrations. Perhaps you have a spouse & you’re starting to clash. Everyones in the same boat! Lets help lift each other & give each other a bit of encouragement.

We’re all doing the best job we know how to do!

One of the great things about going to Occupational Therapy last year were the endless ideas she came up with. I can remember before we finished up I was so worried I was going to forget all the methods she had taught me. So we had 1 last session to write down everything that I’d learnt along my journey. I still look at it often to remind me of strategies to decompress.

When you’re stressed & anxious you don’t remember the things that calm you down unless you have them written down somewhere.

So … I thought it might be fun to create a little Self Care Bingo printable.

Its a 1 page printable that you could put up in your bathroom or inside a kitchen cupboard. You can glance at it & find something that might help ease the stress for that moment.

1 page has suggestions & the other page is blank for you to fill in with your own specific ideas. Theres also a plain Black & White Version.

Self Care Bingo Free Printable

If you’re interested, theres a helpful blog post with tips on “5 Tips to a Happy Home Life” which talks about routines, habits & goals. Theres also a Free School Schedule in case you need to get the kids organized & Playdough Recipe to keep them entertained!

Top Tip

My one top tip I’ve used for years to get 5/10/15 minutes peace … an egg timer! When the kids are hounding me & I just need a few extra minutes, I use the egg timer. Maybe one child needs attention while you’re working with the other on schooling … flip the timer & say you’ll be with them when its over. It works a treat!

Most kids have no concept of time. An egg timer is VISUAL! Theres loads of ideas on Pinterest to make your own with a bottle, glue, water & glitter (search for : Time out bottle), but the timing can be irregular.

I ordered these off Amazon in 5 & 15 minute increments. They’re also kid friendly in case the get dropped they won’t shatter.

I’d love to know if this has helped you at all. Please leave a comment or share the post with any friends who you think might need it!