Unchartered Territory

We’re in unchartered territory worldwide with a number of countries heading towards lockdown. In Ireland we’re on 129 positive cases in just under 2 weeks & all schools have been closed down.

Its causing huge stress to many families who might be under financial pressure already. Many are possibly going to loose their jobs. Theres also those that need to be home to mind little ones now that theres no childcare.

I honestly believe if we’re logical about this, listen to the Authorities, practice ‘social distancing’ and yes .. wash our hands, we have a shot of slowing down the speed of the virus & hopefully allowing our Health Care Systems a chance to deal with the floods of sick people.

But, just like the famous story where in a crises you need to “look for the helpers”, I think we’re all re-evaluating whats precious to us & I think thats a wonderful life lesson in all of this.

Consumerism is busy being replaced by mindfulness of needs versus wants.

Theres a poem circulating at the moment (I don’t have the link to the original author, so won’t post it here) but it has a few take-aways which I think are incredibly important right now :

  • Life has quietened down that we’re hearing the birds sing again
  • People singing to each other across streets in Italy
  • Spring is on its way. The mornings are brighter & the earth is springing to life. It gives us hope that this too shall pass.
  • There is isolation, but there does not have to be loneliness
  • Helping others & checking on your neighbour is becoming a priority. Already the ‘Helpers’ are distributing leaflets to the elderly & at risk groups giving them a number to call & offering to deliver their shopping
  • Love. We’re re-evaluating who we love & while its not necessarily safe to visit in person, we’re in contact alot more than we were before.

Stay safe everyone. We will get through this. Take it seriously, but have fun with the people close to you too. And don’t forget to …

Wash your hands you filthy animal

This ‘Wash Your Hands’ graphic has been included in a FREE downloadable as part of the Homeschool Schedule post. You can read it here : Click to read

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